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Your Go-To Strategies for Moving Your Office Home.

We are entering uncharted territory where thousands in the workforce have had their worlds shaken. For some, it is the loss of the job, for others it is a furlough, others still it is a push to work from home. If you have had your workplace closed and you are required to work from home, here are some steps to follow to improve your WFH time.

You’ve social distanced, you’re washing your hands….what now?

For a lot of us, working from home and just being at home more often is different and it is easy to feel out of place inside your own home. Here are some tips for getting off on the right foot and continuing to keep your spirits up, no matter how much time you’re in a home or home office.

1. Clean Up

First things first, tidy your space! Throw away trash, dust your desk off, clear your workspace and make it look like it does back at the office. It’s really important to make sure that even though you are home, your surroundings are as familiar as possible. A clear workspace is a clear mind, and separating your living space from your working space makes all the difference.

2. Make a To-Do List

It's entirely too easy to lose track of time, whether its due dates or deadlines. Make a schedule for yourself for the day, the week, the hour, whatever it takes to stay on track. When your surroundings differ and you may not be around as many people it's easy to become forgetful.

3. Turn the TV off!

Keep your at-home setup the same as the office, you don’t work with a tv so don’t do it while you’re home without a boss or a schedule to keep!

4. Shower and get dressed

Wake up as you normally would, shower and dress like you normally would. You want to stay in rhythm as much as you can no matter where you work from. Distractions are the enemy of progress.

5. Keep your things separate

If you live with other people, whether they are family members, roommates, or children it is of the utmost importance you keep your common items separate as much as you can. With symptoms sometimes lying dormant in those affected by COVID-19, you may never know if you are infected or those around you are. Things like utensils, pens, laptops, cups, or anything you come into regular contact with should be cleaned aggressively after each use.

The separation also holds true with your “relaxation” items and your work items. Try to keep your bedroom as a space of relaxation and do not mix business with leisure. It will be much harder to get in a work mindset if your body feels like it is in a place of leisure.

6. WASH YOUR HANDS. Read our other blog here for more information.

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