Seas The Day, From Anywhere!

If you’re like me, you’re one of the estimated 60% of Americans who do not live near a coastline.  Instead of waking up to beautiful sunrises over the ocean, we wake up to indigenous trees, prairie, farmland, desert, or cityscapes.  We may only visit the oceans on vacations or long weekend trips and may not even realize the potentially-negative impacts that our actions back home may have on marine ecosystems.

Each and every day, tens of millions of pounds of trash are traversing from land to sea, threatening marine habitats and endangering wildlife.  Litter, particularly plastic litter, represents a major threat, as it does not easily biodegrade and often mimics the types of food enjoyed by marine animals like sea turtles.  Even those of us who seemingly live distantly from the oceans may contribute to marine litter, as it is estimated that over 50% of Americans reside in counties where drain water eventually flows into oceans and other large bodies of water.  To put it into perspective, your trash, even if disposed of properly, may still escape during transport to a landfill, end up in a storm drain, and make its way into the mouth of a marine animal such as a sea turtle. 

But hope for a cleaner, healthier ocean is not lost.  Luckily, by joining forces with Ocean and Company, we can all take small steps to make a big difference. By wearing the Sea Turtle Tracking Bracelet, it can serve as a daily reminder to reduce your single-use plastic usage and be mindful of how your actions on land may impact the ocean. Make a statement at work, in the park, or at the pool by replacing your single-use plastic cup with the Sea Turtle Tumbler. Be reassured that your purchases will directly support Ocean and Company’s involvement in educational outreach programs, marine life conservation, and research initiatives.  

It doesn’t matter if you live one mile or one thousand miles from the nearest coastline - everyone’s efforts matter and collectively add up.  Together, we can change the tide of ocean pollution.


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