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Jackson Miles

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Let’s Change the Tide Together!

Plastics and other forms of waste continue to find their way into our oceans and the only way to ensure the planet’s oceanic longevity is for humanity to take immediate, collective measures. The catalyst to any collective measure starts with the individual; citizens of the world must take it upon themselves to take immediate action in halting the entry of plastics into our oceans. Ocean and Company continues its mission by offering our customers and supporters around the globe a few pointers:

1.      Reduce your use of plastics: single-use plastics such as straws, plastic silverware, plastic grocery bags, and red-solo cups are detrimental to our oceans and eventually breakdown into smaller micro-plastics, which are nearly impossible to cleanup! Fish, sea turtles and other oceanic organisms often mistake these products for food and ingest them! Ocean and Company offers a wide variety of reusable alternatives to these single-use plastics ranging from grocery totes to stainless steel straws.

2.      Recycle: plastics are a part of most everyone’s daily routine. Shampoo bottles, milk jugs, and soda bottles are some of the most common plastics that find their way into the planet’s oceans. Making a conscientious effort to recycle such plastics is a critical first step in reducing flows of pollution into our oceans. The current inclination of many consumers is to simply throw these plastics in with other forms of waste. Ocean and Company urges all its consumers and supporters to recycle these plastics and make every attempt to hinder the projected fate of our oceans.

3.      Act: though it may be perceived as a minimal effort, beach cleanups are a productive way of removing plastics from shores in your general proximity. Gather a group of dedicated beach-goers, order a few expendable totes, hit the beach, and pickup every piece of visible trash! Others will notice your conservation efforts and hopefully, you will incite the spirit of conservancy within all of them!

 4.   Mum is not the Word: spread the word! Don’t be shy about your efforts. Collective conservation efforts are the last hope in preserving our oceans. Document your efforts on social media or maybe even start a blog!

Ocean and Company continues its mission and advocates for the halt of all plastics from entering our oceans. Let’s change the tide together and implement these practices into all of our daily routines!

Taken at Molasses Reef in Key Largo Florida

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