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New Year’s resolutions: they start off great and for the vast majority of people, don’t last until February. For some, it marks too much of a change too quickly, for others their resolution is too easy to forget from day to day. Here at O&Co we are all too aware of these problems with resolutions and fall victim to them like anyone else. That’s why we created the 30 Day Eco-Friendly Challenge; it’s thirty days of small changes you can do in your daily life that add up to being a better global citizen.

The biggest thing people worry about with conservation is, “what can I do?” and the task of changing global climates seems too large for one person; it isn’t. Every little thing you do can have a ripple effect in your community and your surroundings and magnify and multiply. We curated our 30 Day Eco-Friendly Challenge with small steps you can take, eventually growing over the course of the thirty days in their complexity. If you have a family, get them onboard and turn your household into the greenest in the neighborhood! Tell your friends, your neighbors, those around you about it--some of the challenges are easier with others involved and you get to make even more of an impact.

Beyond just the 30 Day Eco-Friendly Challenge remember you have a totally fresh new year and new decade for you to recharge and become the best version of yourself. For some that means working out more often, for others it means eating healthier, being a better spouse; the list goes on and on. A quick Google search will yield countless lists and ideas for resolutions but the majority of them are just empty ideas without any follow through.

That’s where the 30 Day Eco-Friendly Challenge differs. Our list adds onto each day, some challenges add onto previous days while others push you to step outside your comfort zone ensuring that you continue to make a difference each and every day. What will you do after these 30 days are up? Make it a personal 60 day challenge, a 90 day challenge, a 365 challenge!

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