Cupid's Gift Guide 2020

Your Guide to Valentine's Day


The time is nearing; the time of arrows, hearts, little candies, roses, and romance. Whether it's a crush, a partner, family members, or just self care Valentine’s Day is about showing love in all aspects and all forms. Dinner reservations have already been made, florists are getting their flowers ready, and CVS has had decorations up since the New Year. Even if it's just a little reward for yourself this year, check out our Valentine’s Day suggestions for what to get that special someone:

Glass Moonstone Bracelets (in pink, clear, or blue)

The latest addition to the O&Co lineup, these bracelets refract the light and shine like little rainbows on your wrist. Show the one closest to your heart how much they brighten up your world!

Limited Edition Pink Sea Turtle Bracelet

We all have women in our lives that mean the world to us, and all too often we see brave women around us battling breast cancer. For every purchase of these bracelets, $1 goes to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. You can make a difference.

LIMITED EDITION - Pink Sea Turtle Bracelet - Ocean & Co

Silver Bohemian Wave Bracelet

Do you have a crush or a loved one that you aren’t quite sure what their favorite color is? The Silver Bohemian Wave Bracelet is made of stainless steel, a timeless classic with an understated but elegant design. Show them your love is just as timeless.

Silver Bohemian Wave Bracelet - Ocean & Co

*NEW* Tide Bracelet

Made to fit a little bigger than the iconic Sea Turtle Bracelet, the Tide Bracelet is perfect for the man in your life you want to show you’re thinking of him. Wood and Aqua beads show are great together, just like you and your special someone.

Tide Bracelet - Ocean & Co

O&Co Coral Coffee Mug

For most of us, coffee is a need, not a want; it is a requirement for some to start their day, or at least it feels like it. Have breakfast in bed or just show your special someone that you want them starting the day thinking of you with the Coral Coffee Mug. It's the perfect cup for store bought or home-brewed joe and every time they go for a drink they’ll think of you.

O&Co Snapback Trucker Hat

Sun protection is the new diamond ring...I think. Whether your loved one wants to keep the sun out of their eyes or its just a bad hair day this is a great way to help out your loved one

O&Co Snapback Trucker Hat - Ocean & Co

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