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Topic of Discussion: Disposable Water Bottles and Cups

Jackson Miles, Ocean and Co. Blogger 

Ocean and Company would like to wish all our followers and supporters a Happy Good Friday and Easter Weekend! This is the second blog post in the series, Consider Your Environmental Impact. For this week, we will be focusing on the widespread use of disposable cups and water bottles.

We are all familiar with the famous Toby Keith lyrics, “red solo cup! I fill you up!” But while we all sing along, rarely do we understand that relative to their one-time use, plastic cups take centuries to breakdown. According to Metro Waste Authority, the red solo cup takes 450 years to breakdown in a landfill. Yes, these cups are very durable and are perfect for that summertime tailgate or concert, but how can we justify their one-time use! As these cups breakdown into smaller micro-plastics, they release toxic chemicals into the environment and may even be ingested by wildlife. According to Earth Day Network, Americans annually consume 500 billion disposable cups. The Earth Day Network also reports that 32% percent of single use plastics do not make it to landfills; if we apply this statistic to single-use disposable cups, this would mean that approximately 160 billion cups do not make it to the landfill, thus making them extremely likely to find their way into our tributaries and oceans! So instead of using that disposable Styrofoam coffee cup, use a reusable mug! And instead buying another bag of red solo cups, use a reusable water bottle or tumbler.

Plastic Water bottles are another form of detrimental waste; again, their single-use cannot be justified by the many centuries it takes for them to break down. Like the red solo cup, plastic water bottles take approximately 450 years to decompose and release many harmful chemicals into the environment. Often, the liners of landfills can leak, causing the spillage of many toxic chemicals in the water table and environment. According to Earth Day Network, Americans use approximately 50 billion water bottles per year, averaging 13 plastic water bottles a month per individual; this means that by using a reusable water bottle, you could save approximately 156 plastic water bottles a year! As we all continually choose to reuse, we can lessen the demand for plastic water bottles and overall work to thwart production. Let’s change the tide together and use reusable alternatives!

Ocean and Company wants to further its mission by encouraging customers and supporters around the globe to take collective action against single-use plastics. The tide is not going to change with only a handful of dedicated individuals; we all must recognize our daily, adverse environmental impacts and minimize the weight of our environmental footprint. Thank you to all our supporters around the globe and please visit our website to find out more about our mission!




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