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Jackson Miles, Ocean and Co. Blogger 

It’s Wednesday! If you are amid a myriad of final exams or just having the workday blues, know that the weekend is almost here. Because you have made it halfway through the week, maybe you are thinking about treating yourself. Perhaps, you and that special someone are going to that favorite restaurant. You arrive at the dining location and sit down. The server approaches you and asks, “can I get you anything to drink?” After the server places your drink on the table, she immediately pulls out a plastic straw from her apron and places it in front of you. You tear the paper packaging that envelops the straw and immediately start slurping…….

Its no secret that plastic pollution is a major problem facing our oceans. Ocean and Company seeks to inform our customers and supporters around the globe of some of the most obvious sources of plastic pollution. According to the Plastic Pollution Coalition, Americans use 500,000,000 plastic straws each day. To put this statistic into perspective, that’s 182,500,000,000 plastic straws a year. In our last article, we reported that according to The Earth Day Network, 32% percent of single use plastics do not make it to landfills. That means that 58,400,000,000 plastic straws are subject to ending up in our tributaries, rivers and inevitably, our oceans. If humanity wants to eliminate its plastic plague, collective measures are required. So, when you visit that beloved restaurant of yours and when the server attempts to place a straw on the table, simply reply, “thanks but no thanks.” As a community of ocean lovers and enthusiasts, one individual’s decision to never use a plastic straw again will not suffice. If we want to cease the flow of 58,400,000,000 straws into our ecosystems, collective action is required. As a community, we must say no to single-use plastic and in the interest of today’s article, we must pledge never to use a plastic straw again.

You can always just sip a beverage, but if the experience of using a plastic straw enamors you enough, you can always check out a Stainless Steel Straw from Ocean and Company. Let’s say no to single-use plastics!



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