Baby, It's Cold Outside

The weather may have changed, but our mission hasn't

No matter what the thermometer reads in your city, state, or hometown, right now is the best time to help make a difference in your community for the good of our oceans.

As I walked outside to get to work today I was hit with two things: the fact I forgot my keys inside my apartment, and a cool rush of wind. A Facebook post made its rounds in my timeline this past weekend that went something along the lines of, “The temperature in North Carolina went from 95 to 50 like it just saw a state trooper.” It couldn’t have been more accurate, as the cool front has stayed for the past three days and winter may finally be coming to North Carolina.

For some of you, it's probably already come and you’re laughing at my calling 50 a “cool rush of wind” but give me a break I’m not used to it! Now the leaves are turning, you can hear marching bands at the local high schools on Friday nights, colleges are going on Winter Break and things just feel different. Though the seasons and the temperature may change, our mission doesn’t. Temperature, climate, precipitation, and all things weather impact our oceans and our impacts can still be felt during the cooler months even if our toes and fingers can’t be.

Winter also brings the increased popularity of hot drinks: coffees, teas, lattes that have spicy pumpkins-I don’t know if those are trademarked but you get which ones I’m talking about. This once again raises the importance of reusable containers, stirrers, and tops. Our tumblers do just as well with warm drinks as they do with cold ones, meaning your spicy pumpkin latte stays hot and not a lukewarm. Another great idea that I truthfully forgot about but saw at a breakfast joint the other day was the utilization of linguine/spaghetti/fettuccine pastas as stirrers instead of the plastic varieties. Anything we can do to limit BPAs helps our environment and helps our personal health! I, for one, drink coffee entirely too much so having something that keeps my drink warm at my desk all day is worth its weight in gold, especially since I can get distracted for a few minutes, leave my drink, come back and it still is hot enough for my liking!

My roommate, for whatever reason, keeps lowering our thermostat so the cool rush of wind happens to me when I walk into my apartment and when I walk outside. Can you tell I hate the cold? Luckily its now October and socially acceptable to walk around in a sweatshirt. Check ours out HERE.


No matter what the weather is like outside your window, keep acting with our oceans in mind, keep fighting the fight, and skip the straw!


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